Roberto Dan Medrano González

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  • A Friday in Leuven

    A Friday in Leuven

    The 29th of October of 2021 Early Leives morning, fire on my mind Wake up! You are tired, but it does not matter, a loud alarm is sounding in the hall. It is 3 am, but you are not dreaming, this is not an alcoholic hallucination. Walk swiftly and barefooted to the door, look at…

  • The daring poulterer 1

    The daring poulterer 1

    The business of chicken 5 ante meridiem, the crowing of the cockerel wakes thee up, that electronic crowing that sounds every morning to take thee out of the wonderful world of dreams and bring thee back to this one, the world of labour, the world of feeling tired for hours, then having fun for a…

  • Austėja Undant

    Austėja Undant

    First published book! Coming soon in English! In a park, a poet left behind a notebook filled with letter in verse for Austėja, his unattainable love. This book is an ode to unrequited love, crafted with meticulous rhyme and vocabulary, perfect for eternal romantics. The translation into English, made by the author himself, will be…

  • My solemn graduation party

    My solemn graduation party

    Poem inspired on a dream. Written in Spanish on the 13th of December of 2015. Published on the 9th of May of 2024 on Today we celebrate my graduationby making a small gatheringin a seemingly medium-sized appartment. Sat on chairs we gab.There are no walls between the rooms,it all looks like a long, wide…

  • Bride of the forest

    Bride of the forest

    This painting captures the image of a woman seen through a stone arch. Bathed in golden light filtering through the trees, her bridal attire, pure white and simply designed, enhances her shape as it moves with her in a harmonious dance with the wind. The woman’s beauty is serene and genuine; her reddish hair is…

  • Reticence is not endorsement: the misreading of Lionel Messi’s silence

    Not so long ago, the famous footballer Lionel Messi rejected a $400 million offer to play in Saudi Arabia, opting instead to play in the United States for far less money, albeit still agreeing to a deal to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia. Somehow, these personal career and life choices are extremely controversial for the…

  • Are we still living in capitalism?

    Are we still living in capitalism?

    Capitalism is the economic system in which the means of production (factories, machines, offices, stores, ships, planes, lorries,,,) are privately owned, and are used for the purpose of making a profit, which means increasing capital. As long as this be the main mode of production, society will be capitalist. This refutes the arguments of those…

  • The Book of My Heart: A Love Story

    Written on the 21st of January of 2023. My curiosity was irresistible, I felt into the temptation. I tried to see what could be done with one of those new computer programs, called “chatbots”, working with the wrongly called “artificial intelligence”. I ordered it to read my poem “Lover of the books, tell me“, and…

  • Cosmic sugar deity

    Cosmic sugar deity

    See full size image7920 x 11880, 45.5 MB

  • Barefoot on the sofa

    Barefoot on the sofa

  • Polyanthea


    I SHALL FOREVER BE REPROBATEDBY THIS DAZZLED WORLDTHAT WILL NEVER COMPREHENDTHE ABSOLUTE BLISSTHAT YOU BESTOW UPON ME,NUMENS THAT PROFOUNDLY MOAN. Frühlingsnacht, S. 568/R. 256: Überm Garten durch die Lüfte, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt. Bestow: provide.Numen: muse.Polyanthea: from the Greek πολυανθής, polyanthḗs, «of many flowers».

  • White nights

    White nights

    Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was born 200 years ago, on the 11th of November of 2021, but it was not until 2 days ago, on the 9th of November of 2021, that I read one of his books, «White nights». Reading it made me feel again that magic exists in the world, even if it is…

  • You were mine

    You were mine

    You were mine,you didn’t love me then,tea or coffee,you said you loved me,distant ships.What am I gonna do?Albatross,I can’t say goodbye.Look at us now,centre of my little world.

  • On slow fire

    On slow fire

  • Lover of the books, tell me

    Lover of the books, tell me


  • The ideal of the renaissance and the contemporary one

    The ideal of the renaissance was to be polymath, to learn from the world in all its aspects, and to enjoy it in the same way: to make music, to make poetry, to make mathematics, to make philosophy, all during the same life. The contemporary ideal of having money, of being financially independent, of drinking…

  • The ex-president has a new little girlfriend

    The former president has a new girlfriend, a young blonde and, perhaps, crazy woman -because one has to be very crazy to want to be with this clown-;;; I was informed of this notice while I was listening to music so sugared that is still sweet in spite of age;;; this made me think about…

  • On defining felicity in terms of something else

    Perhaps felicity (happiness, bliss) should not be defined in terms of anything else but the experience of felicity itself. Inherent in our being, immaterial. I think of those who reduce it to neuroscientific terms, or who reduce it to other ideas or emotions, or who want to give quasi-mathematical explanations (one is happy when one…

  • Those luminous eyes of thine

    I don’t care about the weather:those luminous eyes of thinelook wondrous with sunlight,and even with electric storms…Only a thunderbolt can be as electricas the colour of thy iris.

  • Today I could not avoid taking a nap

    Today I could not avoid taking a napwhen tiredness forced me to rest,but my imagination compensated me,with abysmal dreams of music and rhyme.

  • A better world is inconceivable if equality is also inconceivable

    Yesternight, after chatting —not for delight but forced by the circumstances— with a historian of the state, I understood that the principal reason why it is impossible for many to think in, and act to seek, a better world, is that it seems unacceptable to believe that we all are equal, or that we have…

Sobre Roberto Dan Medrano González: Músico, poeta y filósofo escéptico que desafía en sus obras las convenciones del pensamiento y la expresión estética. Plasmando en ellas el producto de sus investigaciones metafísicas y epistemológicas, sostiene que todo es cuestionable y que nada es como nos obligan a creer. En 2017, propuso una solución al milenario problema escéptico del solipsismo: «Sé que existe la realidad porque rompe mi voluntad, de lo contrario ni siquiera podría tener yo la idea de “voluntad”».

About Roberto Dan Medrano González: Musician, poet, and skeptical philosopher who challenges conventional thought and aesthetic expression in his works. Embedding the outcomes of his metaphysical and epistemological research into his works, he contends that everything is questionable and nothing is as we are made to believe. In 2017, he proposed a solution to the age-old skeptical problem of solipsism: “I know that reality exists because it breaks my will, otherwise I could not even conceive of the idea of ‘will'”.

À propos de Roberto Dan Medrano González : Musicien, poète et philosophe sceptique qui défie dans ses œuvres les conventions de la pensée et de l’expression esthétique. Incorporant dans ses travaux le produit de ses recherches métaphysiques et épistémologiques, il soutient que tout est remettable en question et que rien n’est comme on nous oblige à croire. En 2017, il a proposé une solution au problème sceptique millénaire du solipsisme : « Je sais que la réalité existe parce qu’elle brise ma volonté, sinon je ne pourrais même pas concevoir l’idée de ‘volonté’ » .