Roberto Dan Medrano González

  • Reticence is not endorsement: the misreading of Lionel Messi’s silence

    Not so long ago, the famous footballer Lionel Messi rejected a $400 million offer to play in Saudi Arabia, opting instead to play in the United States for far less money, albeit still agreeing to a deal to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia. Somehow, these personal career and life choices are extremely controversial for the…

  • Are we still living in capitalism?

    Capitalism is the economic system in which the means of production (factories, machines, offices, stores, ships, planes, lorries,,,) are privately owned, and are used for the purpose of making a profit, which means increasing capital. As long as this be the main mode of production, society will be capitalist. This refutes the arguments of those…

  • The Book of My Heart: A Love Story

    Written on the 21st of January of 2023. My curiosity was irresistible, I felt into the temptation. I tried to see what could be done with one of those new computer programs, called “chatbots”, working with the wrongly called “artificial intelligence”. I ordered it to read my poem “Lover of the books, tell me“, and…

  • Cosmic sugar deity

    Cosmic sugar deity

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  • Barefoot on the sofa

    Barefoot on the sofa

  • Polyanthea


    I SHALL FOREVER BE REPROBATEDBY THIS DAZZLED WORLDTHAT WILL NEVER COMPREHENDTHE ABSOLUTE BLISSTHAT YOU BESTOW UPON ME,NUMENS THAT PROFOUNDLY MOAN. Frühlingsnacht, S. 568/R. 256: Überm Garten durch die Lüfte, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt. Bestow: provide.Numen: muse.Polyanthea: from the Greek πολυανθής, polyanthḗs, «of many flowers».

  • White nights

    White nights

    Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was born 200 years ago, on the 11th of November of 2021, but it was not until 2 days ago, on the 9th of November of 2021, that I read one of his books, «White nights». Reading it made me feel again that magic exists in the world, even if it is…

  • A Friday in Leuven

    A Friday in Leuven

    The 29th of October of 2021 Early Leives morning, fire on my mind Wake up! You are tired, but it does not matter, a loud alarm is sounding in the hall. It is 3 am, but you are not dreaming, this is not an alcoholic hallucination. Walk swiftly and barefooted to the door, look at…

  • You were mine

    You were mine

    You were mine,you didn’t love me then,tea or coffee,you said you loved me,distant ships.What am I gonna do?Albatross,I can’t say goodbye.Look at us now,centre of my little world.

  • On slow fire

    On slow fire