Austėja Undant

Austeja undant book cover, English version

First published book! Coming soon in English!

In a park, a poet left behind a notebook filled with letter in verse for Austėja, his unattainable love. This book is an ode to unrequited love, crafted with meticulous rhyme and vocabulary, perfect for eternal romantics.

The translation into English, made by the author himself, will be published on the 27th of May of 2024. The original version in Spanish was published on the 17th of April of 2024.

Spanish edition information:

Original title: “Austeya Undante”.

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ISBN: 9798224285006 (ebook), 9798224821617 (paper).


On a park bench, a poet abandoned a notebook filled with his love letters in verse to Austėja, an elusive Lithuanian woman, who would become the center of a passionate love affair, a passion the poet cannot relinquish, feeling that without such emotions, existence would have no meaning.

Each verse of “Austėja Undant” elegantly and precisely chronicles this unrequited love, revealing the torment of the lover, until its abrupt end.

“Austėja Undant” intertwines writing and the depth of feelings to create something truly transcendental: a mirror in which to contemplate the abysses of passion and find delight in their complex depths. A work not crafted for the market, but for the few romantics still left in the world.

On the cover

The cover illustrates the metaphor of the undant and the inundant, which is one of the main themes of the book. Imagine that a person’s mind is like a sea. When the person is free from any external disturbance, this sea is calm (inundant); but when something disturbs it, it fills with waves (undant).

Although it may be tempting to think that the flat sea is preferable to the wavy sea, in reality, when one is relating with another person, that is, another sea, if one’s sea remains flat and calm, it is not changed at all by the other person, is not disturbed, is not affected, which is practically the same as if the other person had never appeared. However, if the interaction with the other person causes enormous waves, then there are effects caused by the relationship with the other person.

This makes some people, like the protagonist of this book, feel that allowing themselves to fall passionately in love is the right thing to do, the necessary thing to make existence worthwhile, because otherwise it would be no different from existing alone, in total silence, or perhaps not existing at all.

But letting this turmoil happen is extremely dangerous if the other person chooses to continue being inundat, not letting himself be affected, nor even trying to affect the other. This is what happens in the story of this book.

The main character suffers because the person with whom he has fallen deeply in love, although at first she reciprocates, suddenly decides to distance herself from him, thus preventing them from affecting each other, from changing their lives, their ideas, their expectations… While he has allowed himself to be completely captivated, and now only the powerful storm that she has generated remains in his soul. A storm made chaotic and painful by the absence of the muse who provoked it.



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