With the eyes open

It is enough, I can not brook it anymore, look at my eyes, do not be coward, as all those delicious people that I can not lick because they slip from my hands, making themselves slippery when I hold them, beside being so rugous; do it now or you will not leave me any other option apart of obligating you to look at me.

Allow me to look at you, feel the beams of light that your green eyes reflect, colliding against my blue eyes. Vaneßa! Our sights together are cyan.

Open your eyes, do not close them. Turn your head towards me, directly, without fear, only with exquisite emotion.

Look at me, because if they do not do it, I shall kiss you, as there is not other remedy for the anxiety that you provoke me, if I can not taste your honey eyes, I shall take your lips of sweet.

I want to see your black eyes, although black be a colour that can not be seen.

I want to see your coffee eyes, although coffee be a horrible name for a colour that might be better claimed honey, bright crystalline honey.

Look at me, because if you do not look at me you will not note that I am about to betray you, that I am about to do that thing you think you will avoid…

Look at me, because if you do not look at me you will not be able to say that you did everything you could to prevent that the unexpected happened, and that even then I made it happen… et I want you to say it.

Shoot me your deep sight, and do not take it away, for any motive, be bold and do not be afraid, because now I am going to kiss you… with the eyes open.

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