Mi absurdo deseo: Sereno querer

My absurd desire want: serene want desire

I want not to lie
and I desire not to lie.

I want two sapphires quasi virid,
pure snow surrounded by ringlets;
wind and echo, chants and yells,
et pallid mel dearly dulcet.

But I am cold,
I touch thee and congeal me.
I desire shelter…
or tepid snow.

I want to rob thee,
to touch thee and not to congeal me.
I desire not to near myself to thee
and never get cold.

I want more gems, mounts of gems,
reddish ripples and uniform snow,
cyan sapphires on a silk cloak.

I want more gems
but not any gem.
I desire tepid snow
but Deus noninvent it.

I want a curly cyan clear;
but I only have an opal quasi rainbow,
without viridity, without curlicues.

I desire a rainbow gem…
but I want thee.

I desire thou dost not hinder me maledict mountain
et I can admire the empyrean of stars.

I want more mounts,
to mine rubies and sapphires;
but I only have the plane sea
and the infinity of colourful stars.

I desire to swim profoundly betwixt luminescent fish,
and float very high
traverse welkins and intangible opals.

I want to ogle thee and marvel me…
fascinate myself by thy fictitious immensity.
I desire to scale thee and to draw me near the sky.

I have not mountains, neither snow, nor sapphires;
only fulgorous stars and spongy clouds.

I want to watch thee shining but I can not.
I want other mountains thus,
since they remind me about thee.

I desire not to be absurd
and to unfetter myself from this yoke,
to distance myself off the solid
and flow in the fluids.

I desire you break,
erode and topple.
I want to pick you, to mine you, to thresh you,
that you embrace me and love me.

But I do not see the mountains,
they are not even near.
Neither I see stars nor intangible opals.

I want to see you,
although I desire so much that seeing import me too little.

I want to want you ¡Maledict spiral!
That ironically is the most profound in you.

I desire not to want you,
not even to see you;
since I can swim in the plane
and be the only wave of the sea.

I want to fornicate thee and to fornicate you.
I desire to love… and to want it.

I desire not to want what I want,
I desire to want what I desire.
I desire to know that I can.
I want to do what I desire.

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