My solemn graduation party

Poem inspired on a dream. Written in Spanish on the 13th of December of 2015. Published on the 9th of May of 2024 on

Today we celebrate my graduation
by making a small gathering
in a seemingly medium-sized appartment.

Sat on chairs we gab.
There are no walls between the rooms,
it all looks like a long, wide hallway.

Only a thin beam,
or crossbeam, in the interior ceiling,
makes it noticeable that I have passed from the living room to the dining room,
or from there to the kitchen.

My cousin tells me that he rents this flat,
that he has lived in it since long ago,
and that a distant uncle rents it to him.

There are adults and various children,
all celebrating my happening.
Some are still getting older,
some others are getting younger.
Whoever comes too close to me will suffer the terrible effects
these terrible effects and ordeals.

We have already eaten, and these chairs prevent proper recreation,
especially after nourishing ourselves,
and thus increasing our bodies in size.

It is time to move from the living room to the lounge.
Prodigy! The flat is much larger:
It continues after the bathroom door,
in a corridor that is as insignificant as it is narrow,
which turns to the right, and then leads to a grand salon.

I suspect I’ve been here before….
It’s so big and so elegant!
But it has a plenty of strange furniture,
covered with white cloaks,
aligned lengthwise,
yet spaced properly apart:
we can still walk, run and hop around happily.

My cousin tells me that this is his collection of pianos.
I suspected as much!
After observing the only one not hidden:
that colossal glass box enclosing an old fortepiano, dilapidated, lacking lustre and a lid,
and abundant in protruding keys and loose strings.
“It’s Liszt’s piano,” says my cousin.

For a while we chat, play, scamper around.

Suddenly I remember the auditorium next to the great hall
in which I usually perform my magic shows.
How could I forget?

I invite everyone to come in,
for a little impromptu act
and have a long time of fun.

I get on the stage and start,
high up I lift myself up high.
Pirouettes and somersaults,
flips and tumbles.
All in the air, always in the air,
above the spectators.

Suddenly the muse appears
the allegory of study and research,
flying very happy and very naked
with me, celebrating my solemn graduation.


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