Bride of the forest

This painting captures the image of a woman seen through a stone arch. Bathed in golden light filtering through the trees, her bridal attire, pure white and simply designed, enhances her shape as it moves with her in a harmonious dance with the wind. The woman’s beauty is serene and genuine; her reddish hair is a living flame against the greenery that surrounds her, and her skin seems to capture the very radiance of the forest. Her bare feet touch the earth gently, reaffirming her connection with nature.

A radiant smile illuminates her face, and the vitality of her barefoot run speaks of an uncontained happiness. The arrangement of her body, her gaze set forward, suggests purpose in her light and joyful step. In this snapshot, the work presents us with an enigma: Could she be running toward her wedding, embracing with each step the love that awaits her? Or perhaps she is the embodiment of the spirit of the forest, in an eternal romance with the wildlife that surrounds her? The answer is left to the imagination of the beholder.


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