Cosmic sugar deity


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This is a gummy candy, sprinkled with refined sugar crystals. This image is a combination of 4 different photographs (tetraptych), taken with different lights,which provided distinct colours to the sweet; these were arranged together in a symmetrical fashion, that inspire the viewer to generate, with his imagination, the illusion of seeing figures.

Among the fantastic things people have found in it there are animals, monsters, deities, extraterrestrials, spaceships, mountains, machines. To better generate this illusion it is recommendable to observe the image first at any point along some of its axis, right were different colours encounter. Looking at it from the distance (zoomed out) provokes very different ideas to when it is looked from close by (zoomed in).

Looking at it from the centre, from close by, suggest the ideas of a butterfly, a flower, a gemstone, a snowflake… From the distance it inspires the idea of a large, very complex but very organised and symmetrical object, which I first interpreted as some spatial entity, containing a mystical organisation, doing something difficult to explain, perhaps beyond my capacity of comprehension. That is why I decided to name it as I did, for it suggested me the idea of an astral god or a mythical magical extraterrestrial creature.







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