Psychedelic perturbation


I enter the room, in which she is sitting on a black stool, waiting, with an appearance of curiosity, for what will happen. I told her that I had something important to give her, that I had found. A book, she must imagine, one more of those things, written by meddlesome and irrelevant third parties, to which she dedicates much of her time. She does not know that it is not a book, but I did not want to tell her what it was, because I thought that only by waiting for more of those quotidian objects would she come so close to the room, and wait there until she received something.

As I enter, I stop just after crossing the threshold, and look at her, trying not to prevent my face from expressing my joy with a very strong smile, difficult to repress or to hide. She reciprocates my gaze and my smile, with another smile and another gaze, perhaps out of mere sympathy, perhaps out of heightened curiosity, for she has discovered that I do not carry a book in my hands.

I walk a few steps, until I am just a few centimetres away from her. I breathe deeply and discreetly, so as to continue captivating her gaze, which did not stop following me as I moved towards her. Without hesitation, I begin my brief opening speech, a soliloquy that will explain her what I found:


«O my lady! Thy eyes do not look upon me, neither do thy hands caress me, and yet thou art about to perceive me as thou hast never done, and as probably thou shalt never do again, for I will show thee something that has happened in me, something that thou hast provoked, and of which thou canst vainglory».

I then commence my spiritual invasion, trying to penetrate it through a single sense. I look at her for moments, to see how she reacts, to see if she responds to me, but she seems immobile, as if she were static, as if I did not achieve to disturb her with my invading attack. Then I decide to intensify my penetration, using a more aggressive and sharp weapon. I stimulate her sense, with much force, that contains an exquisite and enmelated fondness.

Girl! Forget the pain of the initial penetration, once the barrier is broken, thou shalt taste a delicious candy… What happens? I notice a small change in thy face… Dost thou not believe me? Look at my countenance, dost thou believe it is one of pain? No, it is of delight, the delight I have projected to provoke thee, as soon as I manage to pierce thy sense.

The portal seems open, I will dare to invade thee now. Every little thing inside thee is touched by my caramelised projectiles, which burst out at specific points, points that I have chosen. My invasion is working, I know this because I can feel how thy body seems to tremble, for it vibrates and quakes, discreetly, but still noticeably, especially for me, who touches thee intimately, who can feel every single movement of thine, the deeper, the more visual to me, who is inside thee.

Thou smilest, it could not be otherwise… thou wantedst books, but I betrayed thy will, and instead I assaulted thee, touched thy sense, and stimulated it violently, until I delighted thee in those specific, deep points, within thee, those points in thee that I wanted to touch for a long time.

I move my fingers a little faster now, canst thou feel it? For sure, thy head leans slightly forward, and suddenly moves backwards, what else could that mean? if not a fascinating joy… The stimulation is so powerful, that the sensation extends, to places far from the points, places like thy head.

Erratic movements I perceive, what is happening to thee? perhaps the contractions shall commence now, those that I have been trying to provoke, those that would be the sign that my violation has been disturbing enough to cause distant effects on thee, effects distant from the original cause —my unexpected stimulation—.

Thou breathest in, thou breathest out, thou breathest in, thou breathest out… thou suspirest. I know, it is happening, I charm thee with uncontrollable spells, uncontrollable by thee, a detail that makes them the most delightful and exquisite things that thou canst now feel. Thou wantst to do it, I know thou wilt do it, perhaps in 20 seconds, mayhap in 5, thou wilt scream… Maybe I should move faster, take thy sense ultralimit.

Thus? Is that speed sufficient? Wait, I must move these fingers more quickly and nimbly.

Canst thou feel me? Yes, it must be true, the invasion is about to be consummated, soon thou shalt be able to do nothing but scream, soon thou shalt be able to do nothing but scream… Thy lips seem to move… Thou openst thy mouth… Ah… Ah…

No!… No!… No!… What happened?!…


Suddenly she falls off the stool… I saw her collapse in an instant syncope, she closed her eyes, moved her lips and her body weakened and fell. I heard a scream and a crash from the furniture, in that order, I am sure of it. Why did she scream before she fell? Why did she not scream as she was hit?

I immediately stopped my hands, stopped pressing the keys, and got up from the piano seat to help her. She seemed to faint, but she is conscious, she looks at me, she still smiles, she still smiles.

«What happened?», I ask her, but she does not emit her answer… Several seconds pass, I find myself sitting on the floor, hugging her and looking at her, waiting for her to tell me something.

«I do not know what happened, suddenly I fell, and I do not know how it is that we are now sitting on these maple staves, looking at each other and hugging… I am sorry that I interrupted thy performance, just at the part that was most emotional», are her words, pronounced with her soft and feminine voice.

«Dear friend, the interruption does not matter, I think that we managed to do what I wanted, to experience what I had found, what I had discovered, what I wanted to show thee, what we should do together».

«Thy composition?».



«The emotion that provoked it, the emotion that I curiously found in such a condition that when I looked at it I knew that we had to share it, feel it, live it».

«How didst thou find it?».

«I found it in me… provoked by thee».

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